Our missionaries seek to biblically obey our Lord's command to "go and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit, and teaching them to obey all that I have commanded you." (Matthew 28:19, 20a)

Kurt and Christine Bekins

Serving in Croatia

The Bekins are evangelizing the lost, discipling believers, and planting a church in Bjelovar, Croatia as they have since 2017 with SEND International. Their ultimate desire is to make disciples and train disciples, and some toward pastoral care of the church.

Through literature distribution, radio broadcasts, bible studies, and Bible giveaways, the Bekins are praying for repentant sinners to gather as a church to proclaim His Word in Bjelovar. Pray for open doors, growth in Christ, and perseverance. They serve alongside their partners Daniel and Kristina Herceg.

Their children are Jamin, Cole and Christianna.

Marcus and Amie Denny

Serving in the Czech Republic

Marcus, Amie and their children Lydia, Sophia and Chloe serve in the Czech Republic.

Matt and Brianne Kopp

Serving in Malawi

Matt and Brianne Kopp both grew up and came to saving faith in Spokane, WA. After getting married they moved to Orange County, CA so that Matt could complete his Master of Divinity at The Master’s Seminary and so that they could be involved in a local church plant, Faith Bible Church (FBC). They stayed in Orange County for a total of thirteen years during which time Matt eventually came onto the pastoral staff of FBC full time. During this time, God blessed them with five children (Jacob, Ellie, Andrew, Zoe, and Josiah), three of whom were adopted from Ethiopia.

In 2016, Matt was called to pastor at International Bible Fellowship Church (IBF) in Lilongwe, Malawi. He also became an adjunct professor at the Central African Preaching Academy (CAPA). The overarching goal of their ministry is to see God glorified through the strengthening of the local church in Malawi. At IBF, Matt is involved in preaching and teaching, shepherding, and seeking to train more Malawian leaders within the church. At CAPA, he teaches courses on homiletics and pastoral ministry. Brianne is very busy homeschooling all five children and ministering to the ladies of IBF.

Prayer Requests:

  • For Matt and Brianne to walk closely with Jesus Christ in the good of the gospel every day.

  • For the salvation and sanctification of all the children.

  • For the spiritual growth of IBF Church and for God to continue to raise up more leaders.

  • For CAPA to effectively help train pastors in Malawi.

  • For close relationships between like-minded churches for the sake of the spread of the gospel and growth of the church throughout the country.

Joshua and Nina Smith

Serving in Czech Republic

Joshua and Nina Smith are serving in Czech Republic evangelizing, discipling believers, and serving in the Bible Church of Christians in Kladno (BSKK). They were sent out in August 2021 by Hope in Christ. Their desire is to see God receive glory through evangelism of the lost, equipping of young believers, and the building up of the local church.

They serve alongside Marcus and Amie Denny and their family.

Prayer Requests:

  • For a growing love for God and His word – to be daily applying it to our lives.

  • For opportunities to share the gospel with old and new acquaintances.

  • For Nina to acquire the Czech language.

  • For the spiritual growth of the Bible Church of Christians

Henry and Cora Ventura

Serving in the Philippines

I was born and raised in a Roman Catholic family, believing that my parents' religion is the only true religion in the world. They taught me to do good things to offset the bad things that I might have done. However, I was pretty sure that the best I could hope for was purgatory.

One day I saw an ad in the newspaper offering to explain the meaning of life and how to get to heaven. So I wrote to them and they sent me a series of lessons showing from the Bible that Christ is the only way to heaven because He paid for my sins. I believed the good news of salvation and became a follower of Jesus Christ.

I read the Bible hungrily. I shared what I had discovered with anybody who would listen. I invited Cora, the girl I was dating, to read the Book of Revelation with me. The Lord opened her heart and she became a believer also. I married her soon after that.

I resigned from my job and began working as a teacher at a language school for Christian missionaries, and soon became involved in the ministry. My wife and I started going to a Bible school together, using what we were learning to minister to people in the village. Cora shared the gospel with her siblings, cousins, and friends and many became believers through her ministry. Our two sons James and Melvyn are believers also.

I’m now serving in the ministry of training pastors and church leaders all over the Philippines. I get to do what I love best: studying the word of God and and teaching it to others, knowing that I'm investing my life and energy in the lives of people who love and serve the Lord.